The Creeper

So called because of the steady, gradual climb that creeps up the escarpment in contrast to the short, sharp pull of Profanity Hill, this route is a taxing and longer loop of the valley floor below the escarpment off the Chifwema Road. The start and middle sections are nice and easy, flat or downhill with the odd river crossing or two. Once at the Pitchers Mound, turn right and head away from Profanity Hill following some awesome single track back up the escarpment. The final pull up to the height of the start takes in the brutal Hamburger Hill, so called because completing it justifies mass hamburger consumption before long and rolling ridge ride drops you back onto the Chifwema Road. HH is a tough bike hike, not for the faint of heart or limb. This route has been cleaned up a bit and comes in at 57km. Take plenty of food and water. Incidentally, if you do run out of water in this area, pumps can be found at 99% of the schools, often found on one of the more substantial paths.


Length: 57km
Ascent: 689m
Difficulty: tough
Starting point: Polocrosse Club
Type: Loop


The Creeper


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