Pump Down, Profanity Up

This is a great, shortish trail that starts and finishes at the Polocrosse Club on Chifwema Road. The descent starts off the main escarpment track and is marked by a hand pump, what follows is probably the best of the descents down into the lower valley, a long, winding path down that is not too technical allowing some good speed. Once in the valley, the path meanders through to the ‘Pitcher’s Mound’ before turning back up to reclaim the high lost via Profanity Hill…the inclusion of this makes this a moderate trail, otherwise nothing too technical and a good introduction to this area for those less familiar…


Length: c38km
Ascent: 417m
Descent: 322m
Difficulty: moderate
Starting point: Polocrosse Club
Type: Loop

Pump Down Profanity Up


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