How do I view the elevation profile of a track in Google Earth?
Open the track in Google Earth and then right-click on the route and select “Show Elevation Profile”

I’m registered as a contributor to this site – how do I embed a Google Earth view?
Here’s a post with an embedded Google Earth view. To do this, first write all the other aspect of you post as normal and then switch to HTML view and paste in the embed code and save the post. If you switch back to Visual view the pasted code will be striped out by WordPress.
To get the embed code proceed as follows:

  1. Launch Google Earth on your computer
  2. Use File>Open to load your track into Google Earth
  3. Use File>Save as… to save your track in KML format (not the default KMZ format)
  4. Upload you KML file to this site (Media>Add New) and once it has uploaded, copy the url of the uploaded file
  5. Go here and complete the form (ie paste in the url of the KML file)
  6. Click the [Get the Code] button
  7. Copy the code
  8. Paste the code into your blog post while in the HTML view as described above


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