Escarpment Map – key ascents and descents


We love to ride the escarpment terrain, south-east of Lusaka. There are so many de- and ascents in there that are worth exploring. There will always be somebody there to guide us, and Alain is generously providing a great place to park and sit down afterwards.

However, there are also riders that ride (mostly) on their own and / or start from the Lilayi area (make sure to leave a donation for the Orphanage if you park there). Self explorers are finding beautiful areas and hills, and slopes might be removed from the collective memory when they are less-used. We can also not count on the most knowledgeable guides to be around all the time.

To make sure:

  • that slopes are not forgotten,
  • that we are all able to find that extreme downhill,
  • that we use the same names,
  • that everybody can enjoy the fruits of the explorers
  • that everybody can plan their own routes

I started drawing a map of the escarpment. You can find it here: In the Escarpment. It is a living map, So please send us newly explored gems worth sharing, or things that I have missed.


Escarpment map

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  1. Hi! I am looking for hiking trails. Is this blog still active? I would like to contact this Alain person for some info and to ask if he still allows parking at his house! I work at the American School, on Leopard’s Hill Road

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