Polocrosse MTB Circuit 1

This was the first mountain bike ride I did in Zambia and it was tough! There are 20% uphill sections which most people will have to walk. It is absolutely fabulous countryside though with great views and variation (uphill, downhill, stream crossings etc). Take at least 2 litres of water with you (I consumed 3) and an energy snack or two. Next time I do this I will start out early, take a picnic and make a day of it.

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Length 41.9km
Ascent 590m
Descent: 590m
Difficulty: tough – there are 20% ascents on this off-road route
Starting point: -15.50845205783844 28.447612328454852
Type: Circuit

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Here is the route on Google Earth – please be patient, it may take a few moments to load. Once loaded it will zoom in and show the trail. To get more functionality eg to view the ride profile, download the KML file (above) and open it in Google Earth.


Namaziyo Falls from Kabanana Village

The Namaziyo Falls are on the Namaziyo River, a tributary to the Zambezi River. The path starts at the village of Kabanana on the Chirundu Road, about 10kms before the turn off to Siavonga. Directions to the falls were kindly provided by Quentin Allen.

Three men and four women took us to the falls. Laxon and Lawrence and one other chap as well as four wonderfully good fun female guides whose names we will identify and post on the site as soon as possible. It would be better for future walks to have just two guides and agree on a price before leaving for the walk!!

Length 11.7km
Ascent 464m
Descent: 464m
Difficulty: moderate [we need a system to grade the difficulty of the walks]

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Photos – Flickr slideshow


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